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  • Johnson Tile

    The over 50-year-old Johnson Tile warehouse has had extensive adjustments and refurbishment done over the last few years by A&I. The issues ranged from numerous drip leaks across the warehouse during light rains to undersized gutters which overflowed in larger downpours.

    Many of the old undersized box gutters have been replaced with new box gutters which have increased their capacity to hold water by almost double. Old corroded sheeting replaced, and internal downpipes have been increased and adjusted.

    Sections of the old steel structure have also been raised to allow for new machinery to be installed below. This kind of turnkey refurbishments are all part of the services provided by A&I.

  • Worldwear

    Worldwear shopping centre, just off Beyers Naude, required extensive gutter maintenance in order to maximise the longevity of its water management system. The system that we installed, which was over 2km long of gutters, will vastly improve the lifespan of the gutter. The roofs' general condition was also assessed and addressed to ensure the client received the most professional service.

  • Plascon Alberton

    The Plascon Warehouse in Alberton required a conceal-fix roofing system to replace the old Insulpan roof sheets. The old sheets were made up of a composite roof sheet, the composite material was a polyisocyanate, which when burns gives off a cyanide gas which is poisonous to humans. The sheets corroded at end lapse due to the foam insulation retaining water therefore corroding the sheets from inside out. The roof was beyond repair, as well as a health and safety threat, and therefore required a new roofing system. The pitch of the roof and the length of the sheet also meant a conceal-fix system with a blanket insulation was the correct solution.

  • Foseco

    We were brought in by a roof remedial specialist engineer at Foseco. Foseco has a highly acidic atmosphere due to the nature of their works. End lapse had been waterproofed by other contractors. This propagated corrosion and therefore our specification called for new sheeting and corrosion control. We provided Foseco with a brand-new roofing solution to replace their warehouses expired metal sheeting. The old metal sheets were in dire need of replacement and beyond refurbishment. We were also able to improve their factories lighting by providing a natural lighting system of polycarbonate sheeting.

  • M-Tec

    We were brought in by a roof remedial specialist engineer. M-Tec in Vereeniging suffered from extremely poor maintenance as far as the roof was concerned. A single sheet from bullnose to gutter was the answer for this project. There was also polycarbonate sheeting installed to allow more natural light into the building, this made a vast difference. Not only did this new roofing solution create a greener carbon footprint and solve their leaks, it also improved the morale of the workers in the factory. The lights in the factory were now only used on night shift due to the improved lighting. Steel purlins were also cleaned and recoated to improve the buildings longevity.

  • Clearwater Mall

    Clearwater mall suffered from over 300 roof leaks due to various reasons; under designed gutters, building extensions, as well as poor detailing and workmanship. This 80 000m² building required extensively engineered changes to correct its design faults.

    Risk and safety were also very high, due to the fully operating shopping centre environment below.

    All these challenges were worked around to bring the centres leaks down to a handful of leaks.

  • Medicross

    We have undertaken major gutter replacements and gutter adjustments to Medicross facilities across the country, including Cape Town, Pietermaritzburg, Pinetown, Krugersdorp, Germiston, Silverton and more..

    Many of these problems were unsolved until extensive design changes were made by A&I.

  • Samancor

    Numerous areas of the Samancor plant in Middelburg have been replaced with Stainless steel sheeting to increase the structures lifespan.

    Much of this work must comply with very high Health and Safety standards, requiring safety lines to be installed, retractable harnesses used as well as working from an elevated platform.

  • Supergroup - Isando

    During the original construction of the Supergroup warehouses in Isando, the roof had been subjected to incorrect installation methods by previous contractors and poor-quality control. The roof remedial project we undertook encompassed reviews of the structure and roofing elements. Most of the works included extensive steel modifications and almost all the flashings to the roof were replaced to meet professional specifications, as they were originally under-sized.

  • Scaw

    A hot dipped galvanising plant, of which the acidity of the atmosphere was between 17-30%. Roof structure and sheeting had corroded to a point where the building was soon to be condemned. We provided a solution whereby new roof purlins installed were corrosion protected in terms of a polyurethane coating and stainless-steel bolts to connect to structure. An Advanced reinforced fibre glass anti-corrosion sheet was installed which allowed for walk-on capabilities. Its translucent properties also allow for the benefits of natural lighting.

  • Tupperware

    The Tupperware manufacturing plant in Springs suffered from poorly corroded gutters and a flat roof structure. There were areas where the gutters could be refurbished and maintained, but in others a whole new gutter had to be installed to rectify the buildings leaks. Wider girth gutters were installed to cope with the large amounts of water we have been experiencing in recent storms and a new roof overlay system was installed in order to provide the appropriate falls to achieve a leak free roof system.


  • Roof Technology Services

    By this letter I state my recommendation of A&I Sheeting Erectors as a reliable and professional roof contracting company. I have had the pleasure of contracting A&I on several occasions over the past five years to undertake sometimes difficult and challenging roof remedial works on behalf of our va...

  • Industrial Maintenance Painting Services

    I confirm that we have been doing business with A&I Sheeting Erectors since 2006 during which time they have provided my business with products and workmanship of excellent quality. Their approach to business is professional and ethical and their support during and after contracts is comprehensive ...

  • Impendulo Design Architects

    A&I Sheeting have been contracted on several large projects managed by IDA. They proved capable and reliable. Where defects were found, these were attended to promptly. On the latest project, RTT Pharmaceutical Warehouse Phase 1, they were challenged with refurbishing an existing warehouse to appr...

  • Brian Howard Architects

    We have worked with A&I Sheeting Erectors since 2005 during which time they have been involved on several of our Barloworld Equiptment Projects at a number of their premises, these various projects have ranged from complete roof sheeting replacement, major & minor repairs, to on-going maintenance....